Live to Dance

Unsuk (Susan Goelz) is a well educated Oriental dance artist, instructor and choreographer who has studied Egyptian Style, Tribal Fusion, ATS (American Tribal Style), Khaleeji, Debke, Saidi, Shaabi. In addition, she is a certified instructor of Sherena's Hip Curve Program.

She has held a lifelong passion for dance and frequently travels to learn from international master instructors, in addition to studying with many reputable teachers in the Pittsburgh area. Instructors that she has studied with include Tito Seif,  Raqia Hassan,  Dina,  Leila Farid,  Karim Nagi,  Mohamed Shahin,  Aladin El Kloy,  Atef Hassan, Yasmina Ramzy,  Virginia Mendez,  Mercedes Nieto, Jehan Kamal,  Tamalyn Dallal,  Zahra Zuhair,  Amar Garmal,  Sadie Marquardt,  Sabah,  Carollena Nericho,  Zill Parker,  Rachel Brice, Joe Jake,  Mardie Love,  Amy Sigil(unmata),  Kami Liddle,  Iva Cernic,  Artmis Mourat,  Gigi Dilsah,  Ava Fleming,  Hannah Romanowsky,  Ruby Beh, Shahrzad,  Melia Delapenia,  Lisa Zahiya,  Agela,  Velizan and Certified Journey though the EGYPT I.

Unsuk enjoys performing as often as possible. When she is not studying or performing, she also enjoys designing and creating belly dance costumes. Her passion for belly dancing has given her the desire to teach others what she has learned as well.